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About Sheepskin Rugs

On a blustery fall or winter evening, spending your evening cuddled in front of your crackling fireplace on the soft, white fur of the sheepskin rug creates a picture-perfect and enjoyable scene to survive the harsh weather conditions. On top of serving as decor, these rugs work well for high traffic areas, as they are stain resistant and boast a non-slip backing to keep them in place. For more than 100 years, Australian farmers have been tanning sheepskin to create these beautiful rugs. While white is the most traditional color, they are also available in other colors such as black and brown. For those that prefer the comfort of a sheepskin rug but cannot afford the price, there is always a faux version. To shop for either, consider shopping on eBay, with listings from reliable sellers around the world. It makes it easy to find the exact style, size, and color rug that you need for your home. As a result, you can top off the decor in your home with a balance of comfort and rustic beauty.