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About Shearling

Shearling is the word used for a lamb or sheepskin pelt tanned into leather with the wool still attached and shorn to a uniform level. Depending on the level of humidity in the air, the fabric of a shearling coat or other piece of clothing can either draw away or absorb moisture, keeping it away from the skin, and preventing chills and irritation. For this reason, shearling has been in common use in Asia and Europe for those who worked long hours in cold, moist environments; but you can also easily find something like a shearling vest in a fashion line, as the material has become popular recently with young women. It is even possible to produce a synthetic shearling that retains the appearance of moisture absorbing power of the original. Anyone looking for a stylish coat, jacket, or even a pair of boots in this useful material can find a wide selection from trusted reliable sellers on eBay offering convenient shipping options.