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About Shaving Soaps

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. As people discover the richness of all natural, organic, and artisan foods, they also turn to natural, old-fashioned toiletries, including shaving soaps. No, men did not always shave using foam squirted from a can. Back in the old days, people placed pure, all natural, chemical-free soaps in a bowl, dampened with water, and worked into a rich shaving lather. These hard shaving soaps came into use in the early 1800s, allowing men to have a more clean-shaven, whisker-free appearance than ever before. While shaving creams and gels largely replaced shaving soaps during the 20th century, purists stuck with their soaps, bowls, and shaving brushes. It turns out, they are wise to do so because shaving soap is far less drying to the skin than shaving creams and gels are. The soaps also have an added advantage for travelers because they are solids, while the TSA counts shaving creams and gels as liquids, so you can carry on only a limited quantity. Whether you have always used shaving soap or want to try it, you can find a vast selection of shaving soaps, along with the shaving bowl and brush you need, on eBay.