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About Shaving Kit

Do you remember sneaking into the bathroom to play with the brushes when your father was not looking? A shaving kit is a classic symbol of professionalism, used by men for decades to prevent a smooth face at work and at home. A vintage shaving kit includes the traditional set-up with brushes, scissors, and razors. Look for kits that come in a sterling silver case to add an old-fashioned flair to your bathroom. Display your antique silver brush in a case for all to see, or use it for practical purposes. If your husband is on the go for work, present him with the gift of a travel shaving kit that allows him to put his best face forward at work meetings. Travel kits often come in leather cases and include razors, shaving oil, cream, brushes, and after-shave. Search eBay to find a shaving kit that meets your needs. Whether you need a close shave for your next big presentation, or you just like to collect antiques, a kit makes a functional and fun item for your travel bag or your curio cabinet.