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About Shadow Boxes

Instead of hiding away your precious keepsakes, you can proudly show off important mementos in a shadow box. A shadow box not only makes a great display, but also adds a personal touch to any home decor. A large shadow box is perfect for displaying your wedding veil, arranged with a copy of your wedding invitation and some pressed flowers from your bouquet. A military shadow box is a respectful way to honor the men and women who served the country and to preserve their flags and medals. Shadow boxes are easy to mount and customize, and they make great gifts. Fill them with family heirlooms, tokens from childhood, souvenirs from a vacation, or knickknacks you have collected along the way. Reliable retailers on eBay offer convenient shipping options on a large inventory of new and used shadow boxes, ready for any project you may have. Remove your keepsakes from hiding and give them a more prominent place in your home.