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About Seymour Duncan 59

Guitars are for rocking out and blowing away your audience. If you play to a crowd of thousands or just for a few friends, the Semour Duncan 59 can make you sound as amazing as you feel on stage, and the reliable sellers of eBay have plenty of these humbuckers available. The Seymour Duncan little 59 offers vintage outputs that provide a clear and crystalline sound to every strum, and the dual coil system "bucks the hum" so your set will be nearly interference-free. The Seymour Duncan 59 trembucker offers the same powerful interference fighter as the humbucker, but does so for wider string electric and bass guitars. Easy installation and specific models for jazz, classic rock, pop, and other genres make the Seymour Duncan 59 one of the most versatile additions you can get for your beloved electric. Pick your genre, pick your humbucker and revel in the amazing sound provided by your new Seymour Duncan.