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About Sewing

When someone asks you if you know anything about sewing you just shrug and say "a little," but here's the truth: You can backstitch, blanket stitch, and top stitch with the best of them?you're a sewing machine, figuratively speaking. (Or maybe that's actually the secret to your success.) Whether you prefer small projects that require a keen eye and nimble fingers or large-scale projects that test your knowledge of different needles and foot pedals, you can find the supplies you need on eBay. Build up your collection of sewing patterns, add to your dragon's hoard of a fabric stash, or stock your kit with an assortment of sewing notions?reliable sellers have what you're looking for. Sure, you downplay your wealth of knowledge to avoid being persuaded into repairing the lining in your friend's mom's coat, but that doesn't mean you're not capable of it. You've just got your own backlog of projects to get through.