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About Serengeti Sunglasses

Dawn breaks over the ocean in shades of peach, pink, and pale blue, and the crystal clear sky is absolutely breathtaking. Your Serengeti sunglasses respond immediately to the increase in UV rays by darkening to protect your eyes. The patented photochromic technology that makes Serengeti lenses so responsive works by allowing the lens molecules to expand in size when UV rays increase. Once that sunrise crosses over to sunset, those same lens molecules shrink and allow more light to pass between them. Instead of responding only to changes in light intensity, Serengeti lenses actually block the damaging UV rays that cause eye strain, pain, and damage. Polarized "micro-blind" technology keeps those perpendicular light waves that cause glare from entering the lens no matter what the light level. Elegant Savona frames fit a woman's face and shade the delicate eye area from the sun, while the classic Aviator style looks great on either men or women. Frames made from titanium, injected nylon, stainless steel, and acetate mean that there are plenty of choices for durable as well as fashionable Serengeti glasses that you can find from reliable sellers on eBay. You can always block the sun, no matter where your travels take you.