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About Sequin Bras

Whoever said that underwear had to be hidden and out of sight never owned a sequin bra. Made popular by celebrities and fashion icons, these bras have given women the confidence to bare a little more with their more daring outfits. Peruse the large inventory on eBay to find a sequin bra, available in a variety styles, and designs. For a fun evening out with friends, choose from a collection of sequin-covered bras in various colors, like purple, gold, or black. Pair them with a revealing or peek-a-boo top so that you can show off your bold sense of style. For a more modest approach, opt instead for a sequin bra top, available in colors, such as pink, white, and blue. These tops offer more coverage, often with a straight-lined or sweetheart-top hem. They cover more of the belly, leaving only the midriff bare. Pair this top with a leather or plaid jacket for a complete look. These sequin-covered bras are available in multiple sizes, allowing women of all shapes to enjoy this festive look.

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