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About Sensors

As Katrina walked up to the office building late at night, she wondered why there was no light to help her see. A sensor for lights would be perfect to detect when someone is approaching the door, and would also provide employees with the light they need to feel safe when entering the building. A motion sensor for lights detects when there is any type of motion within the range of the sensor, and triggers the lights to turn on. Sensors work within a certain range of footage, and you can purchase different sensors for different areas. A light sensor is easy to install and has a 360 degree view around the designated area. The light can be placed and mounted onto any wall and the wires are waterproof to allow outside placement. You can choose to place one or multiple sensors around your home or office to provide an extra sense of security. If you are ready to start adding some protection to your home, check out the large selection of sensors on eBay offered by reliable sellers.