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About Senorita Costumes

Mariachi bands, flamenco dancers, maracas, sombreros, along with tamales, tacos, and guacamole – all signs point to a Mexican fiesta. Senorita costumes are ideal attire for your party. Long, full circle skirts, adorned with the official colors of Mexico, green, red, and white, feature a wide elastic waistband. The skirts resemble peasant-style, off-the-shoulder blouses with intricately embroidered detail around the neck. A red satin, fringed sash tied around the waist completes the look. For entertainment, switch to a Spanish Senorita dance costume. The black satin dress covered in lace is a body hugging style. The off-the-shoulder neckline features layers of satin and lace ruffles. The hemline, shorter in front and longer in back, features the same satin and lace ruffles in a longer length. The ruffles come together at the slit side of the skirt, topped off with a silk red rose. The costume traditionally goes with black fishnet stockings and a black lace mantilla, adorned with a red rose. You can find a vast inventory of Senorita costumes on eBay.