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About Sennheiser Cable

Known for its professional and private audio headsets, microphones, and telephony accessories, Sennheiser is synonymous with excellence. Audiophiles, musicians, aviators, and DJs appreciate manufactures that deliver crystal-clear sound, and since 1945, Sennheiser has been cranking out yet another fine example of German engineering. Keep Sennheiser cables handy in case you ever need a longer or shorter cable, or to minimize disruptions should one unfortunately short out. Because these Sennheiser products often cost a pretty penny, it?s less expensive to buy replacement parts as opposed to buying an entirely new set. Forget running around town for an extra cable, do your shopping from the convenience of home with eBay. When browsing for a Sennheiser headphone cable on eBay, double check to ensure the cable is compatible with your gear. Instead of tripping over cables on stage during your next show, get a Sennheiser wireless cable for your guitar. Whether jamming out with a pair of headphones or rocking out on your guitar, Sennheiser cables and gear optimize the audio experience.

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