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About Semi Mount Settings

Semi-mount is a term that might not catch the attention of a lady, unless of course it is a gift bestowed in the hopes of holy matrimony. It is a term that jewelers use to describe a ring that is nearly complete but lacking a stone. Some, like a Princess semi-mount engagement ring, come with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious gemstones that surround the band in a traditional fashion. Another notable characteristic of the Princess ring is that it has a beautiful setting just waiting to hold that precious stone that sets it apart from the others. These are all found in new and used varieties on eBay and are not exclusive to the fairer sex; there are men's semi-mount rings as well. Fully customizable rings for gents and ladies gives a person the freedom to create a truly unique piece, setting it apart from other jewelry and giving it even more sentimental value. If you are in the market for a new ring, consider choosing a semi-mount.

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