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About Selmer Alto Saxophone

If you are looking to upgrade your old, student model saxophone and take your playing to the next level, or if you just want to add to your collection of vintage reed instruments, a highly regarded Selmer alto saxophone is a satisfying choice. The Henri Selmer Paris company is considered the beacon of quality brass and woodwind instrument manufacturers. Family-owned, this company was established by professional musicians who set the standard for saxophone and clarinet sounds. Famous musicians from esteemed orchestras have played these instruments throughout the century. Jazz artists such as John Coltrane and Charlie Parker are known to have made the Selmer alto saxophone their instrument of choice. Certain models previously owned by well known musicians are of interest to collectors and music lovers alike. Many are in exceptional mechanical condition, come with a letter of authenticity, and are even signed by the musicians themselves. You can find used models in excellent refurbished condition as well as new models on the vast inventory on eBay. If you are looking for authentic replacement parts for your Selmer saxophone, many mouthpieces, keys, and reeds are also available.