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About Selle Italia Flite

There is nothing you like more than waking up early, suiting up, and hitting the road on your bike. Your Selle Italia Flite seat makes the ride so easy; sometimes you do not even realize how far you went. Light weight and comfortable, you find that you glide along, not even noticing all the annoying bumps that you may be riding over. Every Flite saddle is made from top quality materials, ensuring a pleasant ride regardless of how long you are pedaling. Your preference, however, is for the Selle Italia Flite gel saddle. The silicone gel inserts, Ti316 tubular rail, and leather cover all add up to one luxurious ride. It is good practice to have an extra Selle Italia Flite saddle on hand, and eBay is the place to go. With hundreds of reliable sellers offering a variety of different styles, it is easy to find the saddle you need. Convenient shipping options will have it on your bike in no time, so you waste no time getting back on the road.