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About Sekonic

You've just purchased your first DSLR camera for an intro to photography course, and volunteer to photograph your friends’ wedding since they’re on a tight budget. Your instructor recommended that you get a Sekonic light meter along with the camera, but it wasn’t required so you didn’t go for it. After a long night of dining, dancing, and drinking, you review the photos on your laptop, and your face falls: All of your photos are underexposed. Even though they can be adjusted in Photoshop, it's time consuming and avoidable all together. Shop eBay to find a new or used Sekonic light meter to save yourself the hassle in the future. When choosing a light meter, consider how often you will use a flash; some meters, like the Sekonic L-398A, only measure ambient light, while meters like the Sekonic L-748 DR measure light with a flash as well. If you shoot in a studio often, a meter that can fire a strobe will also be very helpful. Finally, consider whether you’ll be primarily using the meter for close-up shots or distance shots. For close-ups, a 30-degree or 40-degree light measuring angle is acceptable, but for distance shots where your subject is a very small portion of the photo, you may want to invest in a 5-degree or 1-degree measuring angle. Whichever Sekonic meter you choose, your next photography gig will require a lot less time in Photoshop.