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About Seed Beads

When creating necklaces or craft projects, consider using seed beads, a term for any type of small bead. The tiny size of seed beads offers the opportunity to create intricate or fine designs with as many color variations as you desire. Buying a seed bead lot ensures you get the colors you need for your project ? opt for lots of all one color, monochromatic hues, or completely mixed lots with many colors all in one package. Glass seed beads add sparkle and shine to your project, whether choosing opaques or metallics. Seed beads come in assortment of sizes and are sold by the hank or in small packages by weight or size. The tiny 15/0 size, approximately 1.5 millimeters, requires nearly 350 beads to cover a square inch. Larger seed beads, such as the 11/0 size, are useful for peyote-style stitching projects. If just getting started with seed beads, consider an assortment of sizes or colors in a mixed lot on eBay from a reliable bead seller.