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About Security Badges

Used in law enforcement and security jobs to show the wearer?s authority, a security badge is a collectible prized by many uniform enthusiasts. A vintage 1957 security officer badge makes a perfect addition to any collection and features high quality gold-plated construction with a stunning blue enamel center. To add a real piece of history to an expanding collection or to begin a new one, a St. Clair County, Illinois probation officer badge gives a feel of old-time justice with its vintage typography on hallmarked silver. Suitable for crafting and customization work, or as spares for restoration projects, a lot of 6 brass pieces might contain three special officer and three security police badges with empty seal holders so you can insert your own logo or glue in any seal of your choice. Available on eBay in multiple shapes, such as shields and stars, security badges even make for an authentic addition to a Halloween costume. You might even think yourself an officer, but don?t let the power get to your head.