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About Secret Wars

When it comes to nerd society, the battle over which superhero is best is a never-ending debate. Marvel sought to settle the score with its 12-issue mini-saga, the Secret Wars. When the Beyonder, a mutant created in a world all to himself, seeks to understand the desire behind good and evil, he summons Earth’s greatest superheroes and supervillains to a Battleworld, to fight it out once and for all. Make sure your collection is complete with all 12 issues of the Secret Wars comics, so you don’t miss a page of the action. And, check out some of Marvel’s most recognizable action figures with the Secret Wars set from Mattell. You can find all three waves of released toys, new or lightly used, from sellers on eBay. With the whole set, you and your little super heroes can reenact the entire Secret Wars battle, right in your living room. Don’t forget a single blow, and remember that good (almost) always wins in the end.

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