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About Secret Service Collectibles

When most people think of the Secret Service, they think of the men and women in black suits and sunglasses that have the solemn duty to protect the President of the United States and other government officials. However, when the Secret Service was established in 1865, their main duty was the investigation of counterfeit currency. It was not until 1902 that they officially took over presidential protection duties. This rich history has led to many Secret Service memorabilia being highly collectible. One such item is the Secret Service badge. The first one was issued in 1875, and they have been used in one form or another ever since. Another often-collected item is a Secret Service pin. They come in commemorative styles, such as the 40th anniversary of the DEA, or lapel pin badges. In addition to marking special events, some represent various field offices around the country. If you are looking to add to your collection, or even start a new one, the reliable sellers on eBay have the immense selection you need to find just the right item.

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