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About Seahorses

They change colors when they are stressed; even though they possess no teeth, they make audible clicking noises when they eat, and the males get pregnant and give birth. The 54 species of seahorse are complex little creatures that have fascinated mankind ever since they were dubbed "Hippocampus," which comes from the Greek words "hippo," meaning horse, and "kampos," meaning sea monster. Explore the extensive selection of seahorse jewelry, figurines, and home decor offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Proclaim your love for the whimsical side of nature when you don a piece of beautifully crafted seahorse-inspired jewelry. Choose a seahorse necklace forged in dazzling purple, pink, or sky blue Murano glass, a .925 sterling silver seahorse ring inlaid with sparkling marcasite, or a delicate pair of silver tone seahorse earrings inlaid with multicolored crystals. Imbue your home with the mystery of nature's diminutive sea monsters. How about hand blown glass seahorse figurine, paperweight, or ornament, a teal metal seahorse wall hanging, or a set of charming seahorse pillowcases for your old sofa pillows? With all of the convenient shipping options available, you can have little sea monsters at your front door in no time.