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About Seabees

Every wonder how the U.S. military seems to just pop up everywhere? Well, the military has its own army of worker bees, called, the Seabees. Although not as popular or revered as the Seal counterparts, each U.S. Navy Seabee plays an important role in the U.S. military. As part of the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion, they build all the structures that the military uses, like army bases, bridges, and even airstrips. They also built thousands of miles of paved roads all over the world since World War II. So, why not show your appreciation for these tireless men and women by purchasing and wearing Seabees merchandise? A good Seabee hat can protect you from the sun's harsh rays and may earn you some high fives from military personnel. The shirts come in a variety of sizes and designs so you can buy one for everyone in the family. No matter what type of U.S. Navy or military merchandise you want to purchase to show your support, there are many reliable sellers on eBay who offer new items.