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About SCT Tuner

If your vehicle's horsepower and torque are not quite up to par, an SCT tuner may be what you need to get everything working perfectly again. This type of tuner works to increase torque and horsepower, and it is easy to use, thanks to a back-lit full-color LCD display. You can update the Mustang SCT tuner with the built-in Wi-Fi, and there is a USB interface cable included. You can restore an F150 SCT tuner back to the stock settings if you want to use it on other vehicles that require different options. These tuners support the majority of vehicles, and they install easily and quickly. They feature dual analog inputs and can store up to 10 different custom configurations. You can make various adjustments to best match the vehicle that you are using the tuner on, such as adjusting for different fuel injectors. You can also alter variables such as traction control and idle speed. Browse through the large inventory of tuners on eBay to find the best SCT tuner to meet your needs.