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About Screen Printing

If you have ever searched for your dream t-shirt print, only to come away empty-handed, you can benefit from learning the art of screen-printing. You can create any design and print it on a plain t-shirt. You can also use the method to print patterns onto tote bags, hoodies, sweatpants, posters, and more. The screen printing method uses mesh, ink, and stencils to transfer images to fabric, paper, and other materials. Once you learn how to work with the screens, you can make your own printed items easily. You can even use the screens to produce multiple items of the same stencil design quickly. If you are particularly industrious, you may think of creating your own t-shirt line. The sellers on eBay have a full range of screen printing equipment to help you get started in your endeavor. There are screen-printing kits that comprise screens, ink, brushes, and instructions, as well as advanced machines for experienced designers.