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About Scrap

The price of precious metals has been consistently climbing, so even finding scrap pieces has become tough. Everyone takes their scrap gold to the local pawn shop or jewelry dealer, so finding it for your projects has become much tougher than ever before. Luckily, you can find a variety of reliable sellers on eBay offering scrap silver, gold, and several other precious metals. Your plan of making some custom jewelry in your spare time is back on track. Just log on, start searching by entering the search term in the search bar on the top of any page, and with fast and convenient shipping options, have the scrap delivered right to your front door. Sellers offer large lots of scrap metal, as well as smaller lots, so no matter which type of project you plan on starting first, they have everything you need. Get your metal ordered, unload all of those molds, and get ready to start up shop in your garage.