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About Scottish Kilts

The Irish have staked their claim, loud and proud, to March 17, but those of Scottish descent can proclaim their heritage any day of the year by wearing a Scottish kilt. Despite what you may think, these kilts are not just for parades and Highland games; pair a woolen kilt with a dress shirt and blazer for a wedding or with a sweatshirt and hiking boots for outdoor activities. Look through the vast inventory on eBay for an authentic men's kilt. Real Scottish kilts come with one or two leather straps with buckles. These straps hold the kilt in place, but keep in mind that the pleats belong in the back; the kilt should not look like a private school uniform. If you come from a good-sized clan, you should look for the clan's special Tartan pattern. For the full Scottish look, search for a sporran, kilt pin, brogues, hose, and hose flashes to complete the look. You may get some looks of surprise when you show up at a wedding with full Highland regalia, but without a doubt, the other guests are sure to appreciate your bold sense of style.