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About Scottie Dogs

Francis G. Lloyd said, "All dogs are good; any terrier is better; a Scottie is best." Anyone who lives with and loves a Scottie dog certainly shares Lloyd's sentiment for the compact little terrier who is feisty yet affectionate, independent yet devoted, and spirited yet gentle. Show your Scottish terrier how much he means to you by paying proper homage to his heritage. Explore the extensive selection of Scottie dog housewares, apparel, and home decor offered by eBay's reliable vendors. Your furry housemate will appreciate the addition of a finely crafted glass Scottie dog for your coffee table or library bookshelf, such as a Boyd crystal art glass Scottish terrier in hues like cobalt blue, maple, or spring glow, or a vintage jadeite glass Scottie ink blotter from the 1930s. He would love it if you kept his treats in a Scottie dog cookie jar, or served his meals in his very own Scottish terrier cast iron feeder stand. For all things Scottie, start clicking now. Only the best for the best.