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About Scoreboard

The rivalry over the season has been quite intense, with both teams winning games over the other. As each team is able to put points on the scoreboard, the fans either erupt with cheers or jeers. Some consider it a battle for the ages as the home team wins the game by a slim margin over their fierce rivals. You gather up your supplies, including the electronic scoreboard you purchased from a listing on eBay. The number of new and used units available amazed you, as you were provided various models with convenient shipping options, all suitable for your specific needs. As you browsed listings, you were able to view various electronic models and traditional flip-over score keeper cards. Going with a gut feeling and the fact that this versatile and portable scoreboard can be utilized for the many sports that you are affiliated with, you added it to your cart for purchase. Happy with your scoreboard purchase, you are able to accurately keep score for your school every game this season.