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About Sconces

In movies, dungeons look dank and swampy thanks to the sweating walls and dripping ceilings. Low light of a flickering candle wall sconce adds the creepy and scary elements to a dungeon. Decorating magazines shy away from the castle basement and focus more on functionality and form of living and office spaces instead. A great lighting scheme opens your eyes, directs your attention to pleasant sights, while minimizing ugly aspects of your home or office. Candle sconces may not get as much action, because they can give off difficult-to-remove soot marks on the walls above them. It is popular to pair sconces, flanking doorways, focal points on a wall, or even surrounding reading chairs. A sconce may be formed from heavy-duty plastics that hold up well to heat; clear, etched, or frosted glass; stamped and punched out metal; and other materials. The many reliable sellers on eBay provide convenient shipping options and a large inventory.