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About Scion XA

Your friends might think a parade of circus clowns is about to emerge from your tiny subcompact Scion XA, but you know the last laugh is yours thanks to the superior fuel efficiency the car offers. The XA was manufactured by Toyota between 2004 and 2006 and comes in fun colors such as spectra blue mica and stingray metallic blue. Upping the cuteness factor even more, the car features uniquely shaped headlights, much like the quadrilaterals depicted in your elementary school math textbook. Luckily, you need not turn to expensive auto parts importers when it is time for repairs because you can purchase a wide range of Scion XA replacement parts from the reliable sellers on eBay. Scion XA accessories, including fuel tank caps, grills, and light bulbs, can also wear out over the years and need to be replaced. While you are at it, pick up a set of Scion XA floor mats to protect the interior. Once your Scion XA is all fixed up, you need only a few gallons of gas to take it out on the road and drive for miles and miles.