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About Scion TCs

The sporty and stylish Scion tC is a two door hatchback that is perfect for students on a budget, couples who want an economical travel solution, and even the lone driver who enjoys whisking around town between errands. Toyota introduced this economical car in 2004 with features like a four cylinder engine, front wheel drive, and an optional automatic transmission that comes stock with all models on the market. Other standard equipment includes power windows, cruise control and air conditioning. But the features do not stop there – with a reliable keyless entry and antilock brakes, you can be sure that your travels are always safe and your vehicle secure when parked. The rear and passenger seats fold on demand, and can even recline to create almost as much storage space as an SUV has. The redesigned 2011 Scion tC comes with a couple of new features such as alloy wheels, Bluetooth capability, and a telescoping steering wheel that you probably want to get your hands on. The tC is very easy to customize, so add extra features on a whim such as multicolored interior lighting or a navigation system. Many trustworthy sellers on eBay are standing by to help you find your new tC and Scion TC rims today.