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About Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers manufacturers everything you need for your next fly fishing expedition, from rods to line and reels to leader. Scientific Anglers fly line comes in a variety of colors, weights, and styles suited to specific fishing needs, such as Sharkskin saltwater taper line, which is developed for saltwater fly fishing in warm climates. The taper and design of Sharkskin line reduces friction to ensure that fly gets where you intend it to as you cast. Scientific Anglers leader is also available in many varieties to suit your fishing needs, including leaders designed specifically for trout fishing or pan fishing. Premium Scientific Anglers leader is tapered and balanced for optimal, natural performance, which makes it a great choice for fooling fish of all types and sizes. Whether you need one or two things for your next weekend fishing trip or a complete new setup, reliable sellers on eBay carry a full array of Scientific Anglers fishing equipment.