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About Science

All the iPads in the world can't replace the fun of an old-fashion experimental science kit. There's just something about pouring and combining real chemicals and putting experiments together yourself that adds a sense of accomplishment far beyond what can be achieved from tapping on a screen. Science-themed toys and kits are an ideal gift for children, especially curious and imaginative ones, as they are usually interactive, stimulating, and teach the child something to boot. You can find simple, less expensive and less complex science toys such as the tornado in a bottle and magnet sets that are, or you can go all-out and buy a full-size science kit, such as an electronic circuit set, a chemistry set, or the classic potato clock kit. Watch your child explore the wonders of scientific discovery right in your living room by purchasing a new or gently used science toy on eBay. Start investing in your child's future now by buying science toys to foster in them a love of the workings of the world.