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About Schwinn Phantoms

If you had a coveted Schwinn Phantom bike in the 1950s, without a doubt you were the envy of all your friends. Although Schwinn stopped making these classic bicycles in 1959, you can still find them in circulation. Like all this company's bicycles, the Phantom bike features high-quality parts and engineering, having withstood the test of time. The models from the different years vary, but most have the following features: chrome fenders, rear carrier, balloon tires, lamp for the fenders, and a horn. Boys' bikes come in two options: red with black trim and green with black trim, while the girls' model comes in a two-tone blue color combination. You can find these vintage bicycles among the vast inventory on eBay, as well as all the parts you need to restore one that is worse for wear. For example, you may find an original Schwinn Phantom frame with serious rust problems. Sand it, repaint it, and purchase replacement fenders, headlights, handlebars, and any other parts you need to return that bicycle to its former glory. Vintage-style bikes are now in style, but you can do better than an imitation vintage bike with an original Schwinn.

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