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About Schwinn Krates

When you think of a classically cool Schwinn Krate bike, thoughts of summer vacation, trips to the beach, and long days of friends and fun come to mind. The tall handlebars, banana seat, and brightly colored aluminum and chrome features allow for comfort and style in today?s world?just as they did back in 1968 when the bike was first released. Collectibles are often items that sit on a counter to be admired. The Schwinn Krate is a collectible that zooms, pedals, and gets you to where you need to go. The bright red 5-speed Schwinn Apple Krate cruiser has the classic "full-floating" bucket seat, racing stripes, and spring suspension. Hop on, experience a classic ride, and feel the excitement as you race down the road. Find numerous gently used models and parts, like a Schwinn Krate fender, sold by reliable sellers on eBay. Easily browse through hundreds of options to find the perfect bike for you. Take hold of the standout handlebars, comfortably sit on the large seat, and travel in cool vintage style.

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