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About Schumann Bavaria

Schumann Bavaria china represents a unique group of tableware made by a factory in Bavaria that continued the artistic legacy of Dresden china long after the city's bombing. Operating for over a century, the design motifs that survived have remained consistently popular alongside those particular to the company that borrow from the same general theme. The Schumann Dresden china is the set most true to its namesake, maintaining distinct floral patterns with vibrant colors that recall the former thriving business. While this is among the more well-known sets available, eBay's reliable sellers also have vintage china from the company's other product lines. Despite sharing the name with an old fairy tale, Schumann Briar Rose china has little to connect it to the story beyond the exquisitely detailed floral pattern that characterizes the set. The vibrant pinks and reds help make the line particularly distinct. Regardless of the type of Schumann Bavaria china you're interested in, never forget to check for a genuine maker's mark to confirm its point of origin.