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About Schumann Arzberg

Christian Heinrich Schumann was in the way of railroad production and was forced to relocate, so he closed his small pottery business in Arzberg, Bavaria, and opened a new, porcelain-oriented business in the center of town, directly under Jakobsberg Castle. It was there that Schumann Arzberg fine porcelain was successfully produced for more than a century. Acquire the flavor of Old World Bavaria for your own home. Explore the immense selection of Schumann Arzberg dinnerware, serving ware, and home decor offered on eBay by reliable sellers. All eyes take notice of the exquisite Schumann Arzberg vase on your sideboard or entryway table, like a pristine white vase adorned with delicate lavender and blue blossoms, a pair of white "Platinum Elegance" vases embellished with silver flowers, or a modern art deco vase with bold pink and red stripes. Brighten your coffee table with a Schumann Arzberg bowl in a variety of colorful patterns, a trendy midcentury teapot festooned with bright orange and brown blooms, or a stunning collectible plate for your china cabinet or dining room wall. Click now to climb aboard the Schumann Arzberg train.