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About School Backpack

You might think your school backpack is a burdensome weight filled with overly heavy textbooks that you would rather not read. In reality, though, it's a way to showcase your style: your bag is filled with potential. From the size and number of pockets it contains to the color and design to the books stuffed inside of it, your choice of bag helps shape your next year. A bag with only one compartment caters to elementary school children and will frequently come in bold colors with their favorite comic book hero or Disney character on it. More homework and more assignments means larger bags with more compartments. A teen backpack might be made of leather or canvas or it might have a favorite cartoon character on it, but it'll definitely be larger and a bit sturdier. There is no right or wrong backpack choice. Look for the perfect school backpack new or pre-owned on eBay, because if you choose a bag that fits your personality, it can be more than an oppressive reminder of homework and due dates.

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