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About Schoenhut

Toys are of central importance to children and toddlers, as they provide hours of interaction, learning, and adventure. The toys of Albert Schoenhut continue to open up new worlds for kids around the world long after his passing. Schoenhut's toys include a wide variety of creations, with everything from pianos to dolls, are all crafted with an impeccable eye for detail and fine, durable materials. As a sign of his dedication to children, consider that his pianos are not only child-sized, they stay on tune, introducing young ones to the magic of music, encouraging them to learn to play a full-sized piano once they are old enough. The Schoenhut circus, another beloved work, is full of animal and human toys that replicate the hilarity and absurdity of real circuses, allowing children to explore and play. Of course, many of Schoenhut's works are now considered collectors items, due to their age. You can find an impressive range of his creations on sale in the large inventory on eBay. Schoenhut's brilliant mind and compassionate heart continue to set an example for modern day toymakers.