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About Schmidt Accessories

While third base may not be as glamorous a position as a starting pitcher, the player is just as important as any member of the team. In Major League Baseball, Mike Schmidt is a crowned Hall of Fame baseball player. This talented baseball man played for the Ohio Bobcats, leading the team to the College World Series back in 1970, and then drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, where he played his entire professional career. Schmidt has numerous records for both fielding and hitting, leading the league in home runs eight times, walks four times, and RBIs four times. He also set many records for the Phillies, including most games played, plate appearances, runs scored, and home runs. He has numerous accolades, from All-Star designations and 10 Golden Gloves. Why not honor this great player by buying memorabilia? You can find many vintage Schmidt collectibles on eBay from reliable sellers. Look for cards, jerseys, and even signed memorabilia to honor your favorite baseball player. With such a stellar record and history, his legacy and memory lives on forever. Who says third baseman isn't the position to be?