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About Scherenschnitte

If intricate, symmetrical designs delight your senses, make a move for some Scherenschnitte to add something special to your interior design. Scherenschnitte is the German word for the process of cutting paper with scissors. The artwork style involves detailed paper cutting arranged in a variety of patterns. Common subject matter includes silhouettes, nature scenes, and animals. The Scherenschnitte technique was used in artwork as well as on practical documents, such as marriage certificates and birth certificates. The Pennsylvania Dutch were primarily responsible for the style's growth and popularity in the United States. Though color can be used for the Scherenschnitte's central design, most Scherenschnitte pieces involve black or other dark-colored paper set in relief against a white or cream-colored background. This stark contrast creates a crisp picture, especially since the form involves such detailed cuts and pieces. There is a vast inventory of Scherenschnitte on eBay, which includes Scherenschnitte books and framed Scherenschnitte. When you display Scherenschnitte in your home, you showcase a lovely piece of art that carries with it a tradition of hundreds of years of creativity and history.

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