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About Schecter C-1

The Schecter Guitar Research brand has been a leading producer of guitars for over thirty years, used by bands like Pearl Jam, The Cure, and Papa Roach. Find the Schecter C-1 on eBay in used or new condition from reliable sellers. This instrument has a distinct design and a variety of styles to fit your music style. For example, the Diamond Series, are higher end and come in a variety of bright and vibrant designs and colors. The Classic has a longer upper dorsal, while the Blackjack and Hellraiser have a more heavy metal look. Some instruments come with a case, as well as other accessories, like picks, extra strings, a strap, or a capo. These axes used by elite musicians and look great on stage, plus the wide variety of styles means you can find one that matches your stage presence and sound. Get yourself a Schecter C-1 and become the kind of guitarist most people only dream about.

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