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About Scalextric

Scalextric cars thrilled a generation of model racing fans, zipping round a scale track to the sounds of youthful excitement. Introduced in 1957, they replaced the Scalex line of clockwork powered racing cars with more powerful and much faster electric ones that run on plastic tracks. These cars they have set the bar for all 1/32 scale slot racing for more than half a century. With 50+ years of history behind the name, there are hundreds of different Scalextric cars to choose from. These are not simple toys, but highly detailed models equally suitable for display as collectible models as they are for racing. But put them on a track and you'll see just how much fun Scalextric racing can be. From racing to rally, and even limited editions, there are cars for every user, whether on a standard track or a Scalextric digital one. Shop reliable sellers on eBay to find the cars and tracks you need for a build. Then, put your car on the track and enjoy the excitement of your very own living room Daytona.

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