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About SBC Valve Covers

Opening the hood of your car and finding oil all over its small-block Chevrolet (SBC) engine, you'd probably be pretty disgusted. It's a good thing, then, that SBC valve covers contain this mess. The rocker arms on early vehicle engines needed constant oiling to remain functional because they kept throwing oil off, and dirt from the outside would mix with the oil they retained. Then along came valve covers, or rocker covers, to keep the oil in and the dirt out by sealing rocker arms. SBC valve covers are specifically designed to fit small-block Chevrolet engines, which feature eight valves, but on a smaller block than that of large-block engines. Many SBC valve covers are made of aluminum because it's lightweight, strong, and durable. To make sure you get the right new or used SBC valve cover, head to eBay. Here, you can filter the results according to compatibility with your car. You can even find vintage covers to match your vintage car. With the right cover on its rocker arms, you'll keep your SBC engine running cleanly.