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About Saxon Algebra 1

Your child struggled with Algebra 1 this past year, and although she passed the class, it is worrying to think about her going on to Algebra 2 with such a shaky foundation. Over this summer you could do some extra work with her, and Saxon Algebra 1 is an excellent choice for independent algebra work. The textbook introduces one new concept in each lesson, and then provides a problem set that incorporates both the new concept and all the concepts that were introduced in previous lessons. Each problem set builds in constant review and practice so that your child can master skills effortlessly. If you are working through the book on your own, you should also get the Saxon Algebra 1 Solutions Manual. In case you get stuck on a problem, you can see not only the answer, but the fully worked-out solution. Consider getting the Saxon Algebra 1 Teacher CD too, for yourself. You may need to brush up on some skills too, if you are going to help your daughter. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a Saxon Algebra 1 textbook. Reliable sellers on eBay have perfectly good used ones. Do not let your child go unprepared into the next school year.