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About Saunas

For centuries, people have turned to saunas to relax, unwind, and reap a number of other health benefits, as well. Saunas were first used in Finland hundreds of years ago. Early saunas consisted of a hole in an embankment heated by fire. We now have the ability enjoy a sauna literally anywhere. Did you know there are portable saunas that you can take with you? All you need is a folding cloth chair, the sauna tent, and an electrical outlet. Now, if you?re more interested in the conventional way to enjoy a steam sauna, there are sauna kits available on eBay that you can put together yourself. These kits are excellent ways to be able to enjoy the benefits of relaxing in the steam. Did you know that you can rid your body of impurities and toxins simply by sweating them out? With so many chemicals we put into our bodies every day, imagine how good you will feel after sitting in the sauna for some time. Nearly 30 percent of those toxins are expelled just by you sitting in a sauna doing nothing but sweating.