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About Satin Scarves

You're busy cleaning your house, with second-day hair pulled into a messy bun, and suddenly realize tonight is parent-teacher conferences, and you promised a lunch date with your bestie. You're pressed for time, and so it's time for a quick transformation with a simple satin scarf. A scarf is an easy-to-wear accessory that can completely change your look without costing you hours in the bathroom. Simply wrap a colorful satin hair scarf around your head right behind your hairline, pull down a few bangs to frame your face and voil?! You're ready for the caf? or the mommy and me playgroup, or parent-teacher conferences. A large satin scarf can spruce up your plain white tee (and cover spit-up stains) with ease. Scan the wide selection on eBay to find sellers who match your taste and style with a new or vintage satin scarf. Look for muted colors like navy, gray, or maroon for winter and upgrade to floral prints or bright colors in the spring. Keep one on hand for last minute up-dos in the car and you're ready for anything.