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Sapphire - Jewelry & Watches

About Sapphire - Jewelry & Watches

A sapphire represents loyalty and faithfulness, which is perhaps why it is the gemstone chosen to represent a 45th wedding anniversary. The sapphire is also the birthstone for September. Whether you are buying a sapphire for your spouse or a faithful friend, the breathtaking blue stone a fantastic choice. While sapphires are most often blue, they can also come in shades of lavender, green, yellow, and even pink. Place sapphire studs in your ears, or don dangling sapphires for a more dramatic look. For an evening out, choose a blue sapphire necklace set in white gold. Wear this with a basic black dress for a classic, elegant look. Show off that new manicure with a sapphire ring. Decide between a stunning sapphire solitaire or a cluster of sapphire chips that sparkle and shine. Reliable eBay sellers offer new, vintage, and antique sapphire jewelry at affordable prices every day.