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About Sanita

If you hear the word "klompen" and immediately envision your shoe rack, you probably appreciate the craftsmanship of Christian Meldgaard Andersen, the 1907 designer of Sanita clogs. Anderson followed the traditional design of Danish clog, hand-carving them out of wood. More than 100 years later and still crafted by hand, makers of Sanita clogs show as much dedication, precision, and care as the original crafters. They clogs are no longer constructed of wood, but are comprised of more comfortable materials, featuring unique colors, patterns, and designs. The Sanita Professional line offers all day comfort and comes in both open and closed back styles. The company even manufactures Sanita sandals that offer the same comfort as a traditional clog with the open feeling of a sandal. For cooler days, a pair of Sanita clog boots provides all of the style and comfort you desire while keeping your toes warm. All of these products are available from reliable sellers on eBay in new, used, and refurbished condition.

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