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About Sandwich Glass

Sandwich glass gets its name from the town in which it was first produced; Sandwich, Massachusetts. Pieces are made by placing molten glass into a mold, then pressing the mold until the glass takes on the desired form. Originally, makers of this type of pressed glass made knobs and beads, but they branched out into decorative pieces such as vases and dishware. Today, this old glass is highly collectible, but reproductions are acceptable if made by one of the original companies. Green Sandwich glass is an attractive way to add color into your existing glassware and for starting a collection of this style of glass. Each company makes a slightly different shade of green, ranging from Anchor Hocking's forest green glass to Tiara's much lighter Chantilly green. Clear Sandwich glass allows you to collect all sorts of patterns, without worrying about different shades or colors. No matter which type of Sandwich glass appeals to you most, the many different sellers on eBay likely have something that belongs in your collection.